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How do we drive down emissions from transport (which account for 25% of the total UK emissions - and more if you include aviation)? How do we do it in a way that also tackles poor air quality? How do we drive investment in public transport and active travel (walking and cycling)? How do we reduce the need to travel through effective land use planning? How do we increase the uptake of electric vehicles? How do we make it easier for people to use public transport/walking/cycling?

Jan 18

UK isn’t ready for electric and driverless cars, warns insurance boss

Yorkshire transport 2018: Contactless payments and better-trained bus drivers on our roads

New push to make England's longest cycle tunnel a reality

Dec 17

Ministers told to ‘put money where mouth is’ on transport for Yorkshire

Yorkshire transport 2018: Big plans for region’s railway stations

Oct 17

Clean Growth Strategy

Scheme aims to keep Leeds-Bradford Cycle Superhighway cyclists safe

8 conditions made worse by pollution outdoors

Short film highlights air quality impact

What Hull council needs to do to make a cruise terminal by The Deep a reality

Sheffield Supertram renewal could cost up to £230m

Your comments are needed: Time to show Sheffield’s huge rail ambition

Defra confirms 2016 air quality performance

September 2017

Jaguar Land Rover to make only electric or hybrid cars from 2020

August 17

£3.3m for 24 new electric buses in York

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling: "The North is in the driving seat on transport future"

George Osborne urges 'HS3' rail for northern England

The eco guide to Electric Vehicle hype

Drax power station emissions 'dangerous', claim environmentalists

Selby District Council refutes failure to monitor Drax emissions

ClientEarth seeks ‘clarification’ over air quality plan

Hyundai signals electric future, promising EV with 500km range

Carbon particles can undermine immune system

'Vital' study backs case for high-speed rail to come to Bradford

Cenex team up with Leeds City Council to test zero emission smart technology in vehicles

Rise of electric car solves little if driven by fossil fuels, warns windfarm boss

Jobseekers 'on their bikes' to get to shift work without public transport in Yorkshire

July 17

A new aviation strategy for the UK: call for evidence

Government must seize economic opportunity of low-carbon innovation, says climate adviser

Councillors urged to dismiss concerns over route of new £2.5 million cycleway between Bradford and Shipley

Gearing Up For the Transition - IPPR North

UK electric and plug-in car registrations rise as renewable energy generation hits new high - Go Ultra Low

Getting electric vehicles moving - All you need to know about getting an electricity connection for your fleet - UK Power Networks

National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios 2017 launched

Electric cars will take over, threatening European car industry - ING Bank

Innovative vehicle to grid technology to receive £20 million

West Yorkshire targets 2020 taxi emissions reduction

Volvo Cars to go all electric from 2019

Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 to roll off production line two weeks early

Air pollution: why does the UK government keep being taken to court? - Greenpeace video

June 17

Unmasked: the true story of the air you’re breathing - Friends of the Earth

Meeting Carbon Budgets: Closing the policy gap 2017 Report to Parliament - Committee for Climate Change

Air pollution: outdoor air quality and health - NICE and Public Health England guidance

Date set for government air quality plan hearing - Air Quality News

Mar 17

Barcelona to ban old cars from roads to tackle air pollution - Guardian

Feb 17

National Centre for Atmospheric Science survey on air pollution closes 28th February

Air pollution: the impact of the 1956 Clean Air Act - Dr Stephen Mosley (Leeds Beckett) on Friends of the Earth website

Sadiq Khan joins with UK city leaders to urge action on filthy air - Evening Standard

The war against air pollution has begun – and it will be fought in cities - Guardian

Government's housing white paper says rail stations are top priorities for increasing home-building - Local Transport Today

New air quality study finds that car drivers cause the most pollution in London – but are least exposed to it themselves - University of Surrey

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